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In a scene from a TV show, about half a decade ago, a professor sits on a stool, maybe stands, I am uncertain, declares, quite pedantically, “Merlin is an archetype for war…”. The topic dances around the literary history of Arthurian literature but focuses on critical analysis. Clearly, the intention…

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What does your intangibles say? Hold fast. Dig deep. Keep on pushing. Never let go. Fight on. Soldier on. I will not be denied. A host of aphorisms to cope with the human condition, to deal with the anguish of existence, to fuel a lifetime of struggle, perhaps in a…

I was born in a rural west African country, known for her beautiful landscape and enchanting forests but not so benign or reconciled with the political upheaval of those days and its lasting effect during my early years. The beauty of the rolling hills, verdant outdoors, and water bodies that…

Tosin Ogundare

Engineer, Aspiring Writer & Musician

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